This past week I received an honor bestowed by our peers - other Associations and Not For Profits in the Washington, DC area - as one of the leading innovators for 2015. 

The campaign to select these innovators was spear headed by the American Society for Association Executives (ASAE). We should also celebrate that two additional award winners are members of the AMI: Bill Mallon (center), Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation Development with Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), and Elizabeth Langston (right), CAE, Manager of Innovation at ARDMS.

When the award was introduced to the more than 240 attendees, AMI was singled out in that it was an association for managers of innovation - all in one place. And my interview focused on the innovative nature of our meetings, the process which encouraged dialogue using BBWI and the introduction of “positive turbulence” our now famous and unique split of 80-20. This besides the fact that our members attend two meetings a year got the award selection committee wondering about what we give away at the meetings. I suggested knowledge and a sense of community.

Stan Gryskiewicz