What is the Institute?

The Institute was established to leverage the extensive resources of the association and to extend AMI’s educational and research missions. The goal of the Institute is to foster continual learning about innovation through its programs, activities, research, and service.

What is AMI?

The Association for Managers of Innovation is a pioneering nonprofit organization comprised of committed individuals who foster and leverage creativity and innovation in organizations and society. AMI links kindred travelers in this experience we call the management of innovation.

The goals of AMI are to: 
  • Identify emerging innovation, creativity process, creative leadership, and organizational development concepts and practices of value to organizations. 
  • Educate regarding these concepts and practices. 
  • Educate in concepts and practices for innovation implementation in organizations. 
  • Articulate best practices and advance exploration.
  • Summarize significant trends and opportunities. 
  • Publicize new knowledge and trends learned in the concept and practice of innovation. 
  • Provide ways for members to benefit from sharing and developing ideas, including new business development and technology transfer processes. 
What can the Institute do for me?

Conference Activities: Focused on members and meeting attendees, this is an array of pre- and post-meeting programs and workshops to reinforce AMI’s mission and advance members’ professional competencies for promoting innovation in public and private enterprises.

Speaker Series: Leverage the tremendous knowledge and experience of the membership to provide conference and meeting speakers for organizations that require expert presenters and facilitators.

Customized Services: Broad category of services to individuals or organizations for services in a consultative, collaborative format.

Open Enrollment Programs & Workshops: Workshops on innovation topics led by AMI Institute faculty and delivered to individuals and organizations, typically outside of the AMI membership.

Executive/Leadership Roundtables: Small group discussions designed for senior leaders who wish to learn more about the management of innovation and the place for creativity in today’s enterprise.

In the future, the Institute plans to offer certifications and instrumentation related to innovation for individuals and organizations.

Who is involved?

AMI Institute Faculty are typically recruited from within the membership, which is composed of leading innovators, designers, and creatives from various disciplines and practices. The Institute may also employ outside experts on specific topics. The AMI speaker series leverages these resources to provide conference and meeting speakers for organizations that require expert presenters and facilitators. Customized services take on a variety of formats depending on the needs that arise. Programs are designed, arranged, and supported by the Director of the Institute and the AMI administration.

How can I learn more?

Contact Rob Brodnick who directs the Institute’s activities and programs or Stan Gryskiewicz the founder of AMI.

Robert Brodnick, Ph.D.
Director of the AMI Institute

Stan Gryskiewicz, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board & AMI Founder