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AMI is offering a unique Equus Experience workshop on Wednesday afternoon: Presence and Empathy: Leading from the Inside Out with Lisa Tran. 

Pre-meeting workshop
Presence and Empathy: 
Leading from the Inside Out
with Lisa Tran

Wednesday, April 2
  • transportation departs Estancia at 10:15am
  • lunch is provided at the ranch
  • program lasts about 3 hours (see details below)
  • transportation returns to Estancia well before 4pm

About registration: both attendees and guests are invited, but...
  • there are limited spots available due to the unique nature of the experience so we will fill the program on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • sign up deadline is March 14
  • if the minimum enrollment to cover the costs of the workshop is not reached, the workshop will be cancelled and your fee refunded
  • please use the PayPal sign up feature on this web page

About the Program

Introduction demo:  Lisa and her staff will provide a 20 minute demo with one horse to open up the experience, explaining the language of equus as she interacts with the horse. Emphasis will be given in the demo to how horses can teach us empathy, nature-based leadership, clear communication, etc. There will be a Q&A period to cover initial questions.

Individual round pen experiences with volunteersWhen you enter the space of a horse, their sensitivity is immediately reflected in how they react to your presence. They become instant mirrors to how we show up, what kind of energy we bring, how we communicate and express ourselves. In equus coaching, we call this creating awareness to feedback. We'll invite 2 individuals into the round pen with an individual horse, one at a time (as we progress with each experience, we switch out horses to demonstrate a variety of different personalities.) Each person will go through a series of exercises, and will be coached throughout the experience. Each person will bring in their individual strengths and learnings, so it's a good experience for the audience to have two different experiences to relate to. The round pen exercise will end with a 10 min Q&A for the audience to ask questions about what they observed.

Presence meditation: Everyone will participate in a presence meditation that anchors us into all 5 of our senses.

Aikido exercise: Everyone will participate in pairs and do a second exercise that demonstrates the power of states of peace, play, and joy over states of control and aggression. This energy exercise will help transition us into the paired herding. The meditation and Aikido exercise demonstrate the states of presence that horses hold as they engage with each other, and which are needed for us to more easily interact with the horses and one another.

Paired herdingThe paired exercises demonstrate herd dynamics and equine ways of communication, clear boundary setting, and collaboration. Two individuals will go in with one horse in the arena, and the goal is to herd the horse through a series of obstacles on the ground. Teams cannot use language, so that they learn to have greater awareness of themselves, their partners, and the environment, by relying on all their senses.