Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI)
October 26-28, 2016
Meeting theme: Terroir
Ann Arbor, MI
hosted by Menlo Innovations and the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)

There are three things you need to do to attend the meeting:

1. Register 
The registration deadline date is September 22, 2016. Go to    the registration page, fill in your information, and submit.

2. Pay Your Meeting Fee
AMI Meeting participant rate is $895 US, which includes   meeting rooms and support equipment, hospitality suite for two nights, Wednesday reception, lunches and breaks on Thursday and Friday, and presenter fees and honoraria, as well as other administrative expenses.  Consider attending the optional Wednesday afternoon workshop at Zingerman's Training and a tour of the Zingerman's retail shops. The workshop fee is an additional $140 US, which includes workshop materials, refreshments, and transportation. 

Go to the payment page to remit for the meeting and the workshop.

3. Reserve Your Accommodations
Attendees are responsible for arranging and paying for lodging.

We will be housed at the newly renovated Graduate Ann Arbor Hotel.  For reservations, call (800) 666-8693 or (734) 769-2200    or reserve online at (Graduate Ann Arbor - AMI Reservations),   Reference the group name - Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI) to receive the group rates. The hotel has reserved the following room types for AMI:

Deluxe 2 Queen, 15 total - $209
Deluxe King, 10 total - $209
Premium 2 Queen, 15 total - $224
Premium King, 10 total - $224

Room reservations are due by September 22, 2016. Rooms may not be eligible for group rates and/or may no longer be available after September 22. Please reserve your room quickly and they will be allocated on a first reserved basis.  
Fall Meeting Theme - Terroir

 Wednesday Reception Location, Cornman Farms

Thursday - Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford Museum

Friday hosted by Menlo Innovations
Wednesday, October 26
Zingerman's Training and Cornman Farms
  • Bus tranportation will be provided to all of the meeting sites.
  • Pre-meeting Workshop (1:00pm-4:00pm) @ ZingTrain – a 2-hour private workshop and retail shop tour. We will experience the Zingerman's Vision, engage in Building Organizational Culture, and conclude with tour of the Southside Businesses (Bakehouse, Coffee Company, Candy Manufactory and Creamery). Zingerman's has been an Ann Arbor institution since 1982.
  • Newcomers Orientation (4:30pm-5:45pm) for first time AMI attendees @ Graduate Ann Arbor Hotel
  • Welcome Reception and Introductions (6:30pm-9:00pm) @ Zingerman's Cornman Farms. We will share in a true farm to table experience at the historic farmhouse, renovated barn and beautiful gardens.
  • The Hospitality Suite at Graduate Ann Arbor Hotel will be open (9:00pm-11:30pm) for AMI attendees and their guests.
Thursday, October 27
The Henry Ford Museum
  • Welcome (9:00am) @ The Henry Ford Museum, historic site of American Ideas and Innovation
  • AMI Beg, Brag, What If (BBWI) sessions are featured throughout the day
  • Positive Turbulence speaker will be Ari Weinzweig, co-founder of Zingerman's 
  • Self-guided tour of The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village.
  • Thursday afternoon: Excursion to TechShop Detroit, a community-based workshop and prototyping studio.  
  • Thursday Evening: Dinner Groups on your own
  • The Hospitality Suite will be open (9:00pm-11:30pm) for AMI attendees and their guests.
Friday, October 28
Menlo Innovations
  • AMI Beg, Brag, What if (BBWI) sessions (9:00am) are featured throughout the morning @ Menlo Innovations, a custom software consulting firm.  
  • Rich Sheridan, AMI Member and CEO of Menlo Innovations and the Menlonians will lead us in an interactive experience and tour of the work space.
  • Meeting concludes with a Newcomer’s Fishbowl experience followed by lunch and an opportunity to share and record learnings.
  • 1:30pm meeting closing
Debra Lucenti,
Oct 17, 2016, 1:21 PM
Debra Lucenti,
Oct 17, 2016, 2:02 PM
Debra Lucenti,
Oct 17, 2016, 2:02 PM