Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI)
April 6-8, 2016
Meeting theme: The Maker Movement
Greensboro, NC
hosted by the Center for Creative Leadership and the Proximity Hotel

There are three things you need to do to attend the meeting:

1. Register 

The registration deadline date is March 4, 2016. Go to the registration page, fill in your information, and submit. If you are a newcomer to the meeting, please fill out the form below and submit to Jill Pinto, AMI Administrator, at Contact Jill with any questions.

2. Pay Your Meeting Fee

AMI Meeting participant rate is $895 US, which includes meeting rooms and support equipment, hospitality suite for two nights, Wednesday reception, lunches and breaks on Thursday and Friday, and presenter fees and honoraria, as well as other administrative expenses. Go to the payment page to remit. 

3. Reserve Your Accommodations

Call Proximity Hotel at (336) 379-8200 or (800) 379-8200 or use the online link at Reservations for Proximity Hotel and reference the group name - Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI) to receive the group rate of $179/per night. Room reservations are due by March 4, 2016. Reservations after March 3 may not be eligible for group rates and rooms in the group block may no longer be available.
Wednesday, April 6
  • Pre-meeting Workshop (2:00pm) @ The Forge – Greensboro’s first Maker Space, The Forge is home to a plethora of amazing tools and machinery. Join AMI members for an exclusive tour and private, hands-on maker event where we will see this unique Inventor Studio in action and experience the inner maker in all of us
  • Newcomers Orientation (4:30pm) for first time AMI attendees @ Proximity
  • Welcome Reception and Introductions (6:30pm) @ Proximity
  • The Hospitality Suite will be open (9:00pm) for AMI attendees and their guests to come and go until 11:30 pm

Thursday, April 7

  • Morning Yoga @ the Proximity
  • Host Welcome (9:00am) @ Center for Creative Leadership
  • AMI Beg, Brag, What If (BBWI) sessions are featured throughout the day
  • Positive turbulence will include: 
    • Jane Werner is Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum which houses a MakeSHOP, a space for children and families to make, play and design using “real stuff” and a visionary contributor to the Remake Learning Network. Jane is instrumental using the Kickstarter platform to fund school maker spaces across the country. 
    • Rob Cotter is Chief Designer and CEO of Organic Transit, maker of the ELF, the most efficient vehicle on the planet. Rob has worked for Porsche, BMW, McLaren, AMG and Shimano. With DuPont and GE and directed the American Solar Cup, the first solar car race in the US. Rob plans to bring an ELF with him to our AMI meeting in Greensboro.
  • Thursday Evening: Dinner Groups or Optional Elsewhere Tour – A living museum set in a former thrift store dedicated to building collaborative futures from old things.
  • The Hospitality Suite will be open (9:00pm) for AMI attendees and their guests to come and go until 11:30 pm

Friday, April 8

  • Morning Yoga @ the Proximity
  • AMI Beg, Brag, What if (BBWI) sessions (9:00am) are featured throughout the morning @ Proximity
  • Positive turbulence will include: Elizabeth Isele, an Intergenerational Entrepreneurship expert who will share The Making of the Experienced Economy: Why Senior Entrepreneurship is Not an Oxymoron
  • Community engagement with the President and CEO of the United Way of Greensboro, Michelle Gethers-Clark. Michelle is working hard to engage the Greensboro community towards reducing generational poverty without a stable source of revenue. We will work with her to generate ideas around engaging critical investors from project initiation through project sustainability. 
  • Meeting concludes with a Newcomer’s Fishbowl experience followed by lunch and an opportunity to share and record learnings
  • 1:30pm meeting closing
Robert Brodnick,
Jan 22, 2016, 7:10 AM