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I used Left and right sidebars that changed my 2 columns to 2 sidebars, the left being smaller than the right. I am going to change to something else. Well, right sidebar looks like this. I wonder how you resize a sidebar. My logo is hanging outside. I wonder where you preview. I think I'll take a break.
I am practicing.

Tx icon - Remove formatting

I must sign in to enable edit function. I should only use the practice page to practice changes. 

I changed formatting of text. I clicked Table from toolbar and insert a 3x3 table. Now I am going to type in the table. I am changing the table as I type.

 InsertFormat  Table Layout
 Common Format options on toolbar Same as Word options Web Page format options

Okay! I'm out of the table. I am going to play with Layout. I am in one column now.

I'm going to select Two column (simple). And I have created a column to the right of this one that has been split. I'm going over there now.

I think I will insert an image. I did! I resized. Don't know what Wrap on and Wrap off mean. It must be text. Let's play

This is Wrap on. I am typing from where the cursor was.
It is left position. I changed to  Center to fit in sidebar.
I pasted the image. I am again typing from where the cursor was with Wrap on. Using Centered position. It's still the same.

Well, I think I will go back to Layout.