Associate Professor, Program Director
Board Chairman
Business Innovationist
Business Innovationist & Chief Delivery Officer
Business Manager Healthcare Products
CEO, Chief Storyteller
CEO, Founder
CEO, President and Founder
Chairman and CEO
Chairman of the Board & Founder, Learning Catalyst
Chief Creative Officer
Chief Learning Officer
Chief Scientific Officer
Colonel, USAF (Retired)
COO and Founder
Director, Assessment Tools and Publications
Director, Consumer Sciences
Director, Design Management Graduate Program
Director, Innovation & Advanced Design
Director, Innovation & Research
Director, Innovation Outreach Program
Director, Organizational Effectiveness
Director, Sidney R. Garfield Innovation Center
E&TIM Executive Director and Professor of the Practice
Engineering & Technology Innovation Management, Executive Director
Entrepreneur/Business Owner
Executive Director
Executive Director of Innovation
Executive Director, Program Direction
Executive Vice President, Technology & Regulatory Affairs
Facilitator, The Banff Centre
Fellow RD&E
Founder and CEO
Global Director, CCL Innovation Labs & Leadership Beyond Boundaries
Global Head, Learning, Leadership, Organization
Group Director, Global Product Development
Head of Human Resources
Head of Talent Acquisition & Talent Development, NA
Innovation Designer
Innovation Lead
Innovation Leader
Innovation Manager
Manager, Innovation
Manager, Innovation & Sustainability
New Product and Process Project Manager
President and Chief Executive Officer
President and Founder
President and Owner
Principal Research Chemist
Principal, Solutions Ecosystem
Senior Director, Psychometric Services
Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation Development
Senior Fellow & Director, Innovation
Senior Group Strategist
Senior Vice President of Engagement
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Senior Vice President Strategic Development
Senior Vice President/Brand Strategy
Special Assistant to the Chancellor of Sustainability
Squadron Commander
Vice President
Vice President, Development & Quality Systems
Vice President Digital Marketing
Vice President of Operations
Vice President, Customer Insights & Experience Manager
Vice President, General Manager
Vice President, Global Strategic Innovation & Technology Alliance
Vice President, Marketing Development & Innovation
Vice President R&D Kraft (retired)
Visiting Researcher