what is AMI?

AMI™ is a pioneering 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of committed individuals who foster and leverage creativity and innovation in organizations and society. AMI™ identifies leading edge innovation, shares experiences, sponsors research, and recognizes innovation and creative processes.

AMI™ members, through idea exchange and candor, encourage each other to openly explore topics of interest and support mutual learning and personal development. AMI™ actively promotes diversity in perspectives. In an environment of high energy, action, and fun, AMI™ members value and respect the contribution each member makes in achieving the organization’s goals and mission.

The goals of AMI™ are to: 
  • Identify worldwide emerging innovation, creativity process, creative leadership, and organizational development concepts and practices of value to organizations. 
  • Educate AMI™ members regarding these concepts and practices. 
  • Educate AMI™ members in concepts and practices for innovation implementation in organizations, i.e., to be effective change agents. 
  • Articulate best practices and advance exploration.
  • Summarize significant trends and opportunities for member organizations. 
  • Publicize new knowledge and trends learned in the concept and practice of innovation of American industry and society, including education. 
  • Provide mechanisms and structure for members to benefit from sharing and developing ideas, including new business development and technology transfer processes. 


Award presented to AMI as one of the leading innovators for 2015 among Associations and Not For Profits in the Washington, DC area – the campaign to select these innovators was spearheaded by the American Society for Association Executives (ASAE).

This word cloud was generated using Wordle based on feedback given by members at the 
Spring 2011 AMI meeting in La Jolla, CA. It represents impressions of exepected outcomes 
from the AMI experience.
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