AMI Membership Guidelines

Process to Join

The AMI membership process requires that an interested professional must attend one meeting to confirm his/her interest in joining, and then submit a membership application in order to establish his/her match with the community. The application is then considered by the AMI Membership Committee, which is designed to ensure that applicants meet criteria for admittance. Included in the application is a statement each person is asked to sign endorsing the AMI Mission Statement and agreeing to uphold the confidentiality guidelines.

Criteria for Admittance

Members include those who have responsibilities for Creativity and Innovation in their organizations. Although no formal training is required, members must have some background in Creativity and Innovation – in order to optimize the level of discourse, as well as enable their understanding and participation during meetings.

Requirements for Continued Membership

Membership is maintained by paying annual dues and by paying fees for any meetings attended. In addition, members are expected to foster the Mission of AMI on an ongoing basis. Members will be “dropped” if:

  1. They request it
  2. They violate the confidentiality guideline
  3. They do not actively contribute to the discourse of the meeting
  4. They no longer meet the criteria for admittance
  5. They are not current on AMI dues.

Join the AMI Public Network

Are you interested in knowing more about AMI and what we are about? Join our public network and connect with current members to learn about AMI and what we have to offer.

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