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Meeting fee includes meeting rooms and support equipment, transportation to meeting sites, hospitality suite for two nights, Wednesday reception, lunches and breaks on Thursday and Friday,and presenters travel expenses and honoraria, as well as other administrative expenses.

Consider an AMI student scholarship!
AMI’s scholarship committee recommended these options to help build a fund to stimulate and enrich AMI with positive turbulence and grow the membership by reaching next generation innovators. We will look to use the scholarships within the communities we meet as a way to continue to leave the places more creative because we have been there and we will seek out students we hope will be engaged "in a potentially game-changing innovation experience."
OPTION 1: You may also include a tax deductible $100 donation to the AMI Scholarship Fund that is used to invite students and young innovators to AMI meetings. 
OPTION 2: You may also include a tax deductible full Scholarship that is used to invite students and young innovators to AMI meetings.

This item includes the fee for the Wednesday workshop, presenter fee, materials, and breaks, if not included in the meeting fee.
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