There are two meetings each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring meetings are often co-hosted by the Center for Creative Leadership and rotate among the U.S.-based campus locations (Greensboro, Colorado Springs, and San Diego and greater Southern California). 


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Spring 2020

Greensboro, NC

Special 40th Anniversary Meeting & Celebration

March 25-27

Fall 2020




CRITERIA FOR SUBSTITUTES: Substitutes at AMI meetings must be from the member’s organization and meet the same criteria for admittance as members (determined by the member they represent.) They also need to be able to contribute to the agenda topic(s).

CRITERIA FOR NEWCOMERS: A newcomer at an AMI will be assigned an AMI member as a mentor and must be able to contribute to the agenda topic(s). All newcomer invitations must be confirmed by email and a telephone conversation with Stan Gryskiewicz in advance.